Hey! My name’s Pete.

Professionally, I work on a variety of business-y problems at Airtable. On my off-hours, I serve as a Commissioner on San Francisco’s Library Commission. I also help out with the United Democratic Club.

In the past, I was at Northwestern University and McKinsey & Company, graduating with a BA in Political Science and MS in Computer Science from the first and about a million Marriott points from the second.

During the weekends, you’ll find me hiking, watching Bon Appetit videos, hunting down any and all desserts, attempting yoga, and reading nonfiction off The New York Times’ Notable Books lists (here’s 2018).

This blog is mostly for me, but if it becomes useful for you, then by all means keep stopping by. Here are some topics I’m generally interested in exploring:

  • Developing cultures of civic participation and engagement
  • Empowering people to find their inner builder
  • The process of learning, especially for new skills
  • The intersections of technology and policy and of technology and government services
  • My operating principles that I feel like I want to write down

I’d love to hear from you: peteh22 [at] gmail